Copies of the Rabbinical Assembly Guide for Passover and Sale of Chametz (Leavened Food) & Maot Chittim charitable donation forms are available in the TBE office, as well as by clicking on the links below:

Sale of Chametz form - to arrange for sale of chametz (leavened foods) which are prohibited during Passover. This form also includes an option for making a Maot Chittim (literally, "wheat money") donation to - A Jewish Response to Hunger, as it is customary to make charitable donations so that those without means will be able to prepare for the holiday.

Passover Guide from the Rabbinical Assembly:

Looking for a new and innovative take on a familiar Passover ritual? Check out everything from a Sephardic recipe for gefilte fish to the theology of our search for breadcrumbs at Tablet magazine's special Passover section

A Passover "reframe for the digital generation" designed to empower and inspire, is full of ideas for a new kind of seder.

Love the seder but need a Haggadah reboot? There are a lot of options for making your own, including Punk Torah, DipTwice, and

Bedikat Chametz (Search for Leavened Food) Blessings & Ritual:

Chametz Laws & Customs:

Pesah Potpourri: On the Origin and Development of Some Lesser-Known Pesach Customs, by Professor David Golinkin:


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